University of Nairobi Students Association, UNSA and UoN management hold a 3 day retreat at Mombasa

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Thu, 2019-06-27 11:54
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Mombasa Beach Hotel

Speaking during the retreat, Prof. Peter Mbithi took the opportunity to congratulate the first female student leader, Ann Mvurya. “You have put us in the books of history. Now, prove to the entire world that you are the student leader and perform. Balance class work and leadership. True education doesn't consist of acquiring facts about sciences and arts, but development of character,” he said. The Vice Chancellor urged student leaders to prove to the world that they are in a world class university committed to scholarly excellence.

Prof. Julius Ogengo, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs gave a moving motivational talk that challenged students to accept themselves, motivate themselves. “Be self-motivated. When you are self-motivated, you become energetic and confident, intrinsically driven and happy to perform. The benefits of being self-motivated include; improved performance, diverse productivity, acceptance of challenge, maintains focus, “he said.

Johnson Kinyua, Director, Office of Career Services, explained in details the workings of the newly created Office of Career Services, which aims at ‘merging academic skills and other soft skills to ensure that students are well packaged for the job market’. The office as well is keen on equipping students with entrepreneurship skills to help them establish their own business ventures.

 John Orindi, Director Corporate Affairs emphasized that all stakeholders are important and should never be taken for granted. Without the support of the Stakeholders all the visionary programs that the University is planning to implement will just be a pipe dream. 

 The three days retreat is meant to help student leaders learn about leadership skills, management skills, and communication skills and to network among themselves. This is an annual retreat meant to help newly elected student leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the operations of the University and to acquire leadership skills. The retreat was held from the 27th to 29th of June 2019.


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