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I wish to warmly welcome you to the Student Welfare Authority (SWA) website. SWA has the noble responsibility of providing catering and accomodation services to the University of Nairobi students and other stakeholders.

In line with the University of Nairobi vision of being a world class University, SWA commits to live upto that vision by aspiring to offer world class services with a view of providing our students with a University of Nairobi experience that they can be proud of way after they leave the University. Accomodation and catering services are critical complementary services to the academic experience. A holistic graduate is prepared both in the classroom as well as in the University social life to which SWA contributes.

SWA is currently undertaking a number of significant changes aimed at ensuring that students enjoy services are seamless and provided according to the service charter. Particular emphasis is being placed on providing adequate, safe, secure and clean accomodation as well as catering services that offer variety, affordable and delicious meals.

SWA adopts an open door policy that is consultative, participatory and conscious of our stakeholders needs and aspirations. In this regard, we invite all our clients to call on us with ideas on how we  can serve you better and maximize your satisfaction with our services.


God bless you, mbarikiwe sana.


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