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Internal Audit is a service department in Students Welfare Authority and hence all staff members in SWA Internal Audit are members of the central University audit as is the case in all colleges

Internal Audit supports the services of other departments in ensuring that:-

  1. There are effective risk management practices.
  2. Internal controls are fully applied and at reasonable costs.
  3. Assets are accounted for and safeguarded from Loss/theft.
  4. Financial information is reliable and relevant.

Resources are used efficiently and unit objectives are achieved


Internal Audit is in Students Welfare Authority is headed by

Ms. Kairu Rachael Nduta – Assistant Chief Internal Auditor

Assisted by:-

Ms. Beatrice Muchichu – Assistant Internal Auditor                    

Mr. Stephen K. Mugera – Assistant Internal Auditor      

Ms. Esther Wambua N.–  Internal Auditor    

Mr. Philip Mbutu – Messenger 


The above mentioned staff handles all matters relating to the central Strategic Management Unit (SMUS), SWA Headquarters and all the income generating Units.

The activities in the colleges are handled by the Auditors based in the colleges.



As a way to minimize costs and increase efficiency the department in the current financial year is planning to:-


  • Reduce number of copies in some stationery books e.g. receipt books and leave only the relevant copies.
  • Upgrade the audit software from the present version V8 to the current version V9 that is  in the market and is more reliable and user friendly


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